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Untested Pitchers

Posted by Chris
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I just realized something about myself.  I am a homer.  Upsetting as it is, I realized this while thinking about tonight’s game.

I have been optimistic all day because the Blue Jays are throwing out David Purcey.  Who is he?  Just a guy who has never thrown a Major League pitch.  You could see my excitement.  Kenny Rogers is on the hill, and though he hasn’t garnered any run support whatsoever, he should get the win against an untested player regardless of his killer strikeout to walk ratio in AAA.

At the same time, however, I was optimistic about Armando Galarraga pitching against the Tigers with his 2.25 AAA ERA and his 11:1 K/BB ratio.  Even though he was going up against C.C. Sabathia.  Galarraga won the game and gave up all of one hit in six and two-thirds innings.  Why can’t Purcey do the same?

Well, here’s to hoping that Purcey doesn’t have the best Major League debut and the Tigers eke out some runs tonight.  Here’s hoping that Rogers, unlike Sabathia, can go at least six and get a quality start under his belt.  Pitchers that throw quality starts win 68% of the time, and the Tigers have had only two this year so far.

Verlander would have had a couple if he hadn’t been sent out for the seventh, but other than that, Rogers first start earned a quality start and Galarraga got one this week.  The Tigers will not win enough games to make the postseason with only two quality starts out of sixteen games, no matter what pitcher is throwing on the other side.  Yes, it’s good news to miss Roy Halladay, and it is good news that A.J. Burnett had to pitch the fourteenth inning a couple of days ago as well and get his start pushed back a bit, but no matter who throws on the other team, if Tigers starting pitchers can’t hold the opposition to under 4 runs, it is going to be a long season…

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